Friday, 4 May 2007

Old Hogwarts Quidditch footage.

A friend of mine was able to dig up some old footage of the Hogwarts house games when Harry Potter was playing there. The footage is from the 1991-3 seasons, back when Albus Dumbledore was still alive. Apparently this footage made its way onto a Muggle website called "YouTube," however was able to stay incognito due to the fact that the footage bears considerable resemblance to clips from Muggle movies about Potter. The movies are based on books written by the acclaimed witch Jo Rowling, who studies Muggles while masquerading as an author. She has recieved lots of Muggle money for writing books about Harry Potter, passing them off as children's fiction. I hope you enjoy the clips, my friend added a particularly catchy beat to them.

Quidditch Today temporary shutdown

I am in the final, intensive stages of preparing my book, so Quidditch Today Online will be shut down until the USQL Quidditch season starts. Every now and then, I will post updates, but there will be no constant news until the middle of June. Thank you for your patience, and please come back when I begin posting again.

-Kennilworthy Whisp

Friday, 20 April 2007

Week 8, plus news

Due to issues with getting the pictures into Quidditch Today online, we're going to keep the updates written, and stay away from the magazine format until we can sort these issues out. Also, due to even more problems with the FreeWebs service, making it next t impossible to update anything, Quidditch Today Online is staying on Blogger.
Here are the Week 8 scores:
Harpies-350~450-Puddlemere Utd.
The notables of this week is that the Bats won again, meaning the team that breaks their winning streak will receive a reward as well as a cash bonus. Also, the Meteors lost, allowing several third-place teams bring themselves back up to second. Here are the standings as of Week 8:
1st: Ballycastle Bats
2nd: Montrose Meteors, Puddlemer United, Stratford Streaks
3rd: Appleby Arrows, Wimbourne Wasps
4th: Holyhead Harpies, Kenmare Kestrels
5th: Pride of Portree, Wigtown Wanderers
6th: Caerphilly Catapults, Chudley Cannons, Falmouth Falcons
Last: Tushtill Tornadoes

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Week 7

Click on the image to view the Week 7 issue of Quidditch Today!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Week 7 update

We will be going back to the magazine format for Week 7, with the cover for this week's issue as well. This week will be a real treat, because the games are getting fiercer, with the men being seperated fro mthe boys. As a bonus, we'll have interviews with the Ballycastle Bats' manager and Seeker. Don't forget to log on Saturday for the Week 7 UKQL league issue: you won't want to miss it!
-Kennilworthy Whisp

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Week 6

The games were able to continue by using ameteur and improv stadiums, but they were no-spectator, so I only have the scores. I hope to revert to the magazine-style format we had for Week 5 soon. Here are the scores:

Kestrels-230~390-Puddlemere Utd.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Bad News

I have bad news. Vandals set fire to all the Quidditch pitches in England. Teams from the Ministry of Magic are working on repairing the pitches and looking for the perpetrator(s), but there will be no games until further notice. Please remain patient, and we'll see what the M.M. can do.
-Kennilworthy Whisp

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Week 5

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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Week 4 scores

Terribly sorry! I forgot to post the fixtures for week 4, but with any luck, you saw them on the WWN. I had a meeting about the publishing of my new book, Brooms and Teams of Modern Quidditch. It's scheduled to be released this summer, so keep your eyes peeled! Sorry again, and here are the scores:
The biggest game of the week was the Arrows-Meteors game. The Meteors continued their winning streak, but only by a tic! The Arrows were ahead by 150, and John Rogers, the Meteors Seeker caught the Snitch just milliseconds before the Arrows put a goal in. (For those of you who don't remember, if the catching of the Snitch makes the game a tie, the Snitch-catchers' team is declared winner).
The Bats-Pudd. U. game was interesting as well. Towards the end of the game it got a mite more...rambunctious, with clean plays, but just a smidgen off from being a foul. The Bats won, 620-500.
The Catapults-Wasps game was extremely one-sided, pitting one of the better teams in the league against one of the worst. The final score was 10-330 with no capture of the Snitch because all the Catapult players had either been taken out by Bludgers or collapsed from exhaustion. Even scarier than that, the game lasted a mere 41 minutes.
Me and other Wanderer fans are happy, the Wanderers gathering a win after 2 losses. The excitement is somewhat dampened, however, because we only beat the Cannons, who seem to be playing their normal sloppy selves after their win over the Catapults last week. The scoreline was 260-90.
The Streaks have recovered from their loss last week and made an impressive win against the Falmouth Falcons. The Finborough Flick was used twice by the Streaks, incredible work; they seemed to have Bludger repellent on, and for a new team, they played spectacularly, the final score being 520-420, even though the Falcons got the Snitch.
The Kenmare Kestrels defeated Pride of Portree 340-260 in a match that had a few decent plays, but was generally boring.
Lastly, the Tornadoes lost again. They haven't got a win this season, and I hate to say it, but their chances at the Cup look positively dead. They played against the Holyhead Harpies, who gave Tushtill a sound thrashing, the final score being 480-20.
The games are getting really serious now, with teams displaying excellent work, and they genuinely seem to all be cancelling each other out. The Meteors are now the only team with a straight-win streak, Puddlemere United losing this week. And the bottom team remains still the Tushtill Tornadoes. If the Chudley Cannons are playing better than you, you know that you have to step up your game. Generally though, the games were thrilling and excellent displays of what these teams can really do. So,
I'll see you next time,

-Kennilworthy Whsip

Friday, 16 March 2007

Week 3 scores

Let me begin by saying... the Metors-Falcons game was INCREDIBLE! It went the equivalent of 3 days, 7 hours, but the officials used a Time-Pincher to keep the match on schedule. The final score was... are you ready? 1,220-1,100. The Meteors won, but it was an incredibly close match, and a new foul has been added to the noble sport of warlocks. Attack upon the Seeker by transfiguring every last article of his clothing into vicious foxes. The entire game will be permanently stored on WSGN's wizsite videos. This game will go down in history, and a blow-by-blow account will be posted on the QuidditchFreaks wizsite.
Another stunning game was the Appleby Arrows-Ballycastle Bats game. The Bats made a narrow victory, 670-660. The Broomfleet Burst was put to incredible use by the Bats' Chasers, blocking the Arrow Seeker long enough that Larry Heites, Bats Seeker could secure the Snitch.
The Chudley Cannons secured their first win this season! The game was pretty unexciting, being the 12th best team vs. the 13th best. But the few Cannons out there are temporarily overjoyed for their team.
The Harpies and the Kestrels, longtime rivals had a vicious game, with a total of 92 Bludger hits, three of which forced players out of the game. The score was tied at 250 when the Harpies caught the Snitch, ending the game at 250-400. The Branson Broomswing was put into play by the Kestrels many times, and for a while it seemed the Harpies couldn't get their hands on the Quaffle. But when a nice Bicycle Kick was used by the Harpies, the game turned around, allowing them to catch up. 20 seconds after the score was tied, a mind-boggling Snitch chase began, in which the two Seekers broke through the fabric of the viewing towers, twisted around Bludgers 17 times, used the Quaffle to throw at each other to get the other Seeker off course. It ended with a 49-second free fall, kicking and throwing each other to try and get the Snitch. Throughout this, the game stopped completely as all the players and the referee followed the path of the Seekers. Another great game.
Pride of Portree got its first victory, and the Stratford Streaks got their first loss. Portree was determined to get off the bottom of the charts, and they played well. The Streaks played well also, but even grabbing the Snitch, which they did, could not get them a win, as Portree was 180 points ahead.
Puddlemere Utd. is continuing an exemplary season, defeating the Tushtill Tornadoes by an astonishing 470- 190. The game was played amazingly by Pudd. U., and played miserably by the Tornadoes. Nothing worth mentioning happened in the course of this game, except for that it continued both an all-win streak and an all-lose streak.
The Wigtown Wanderers faced off against the Wimbourne Wasps, in a match where both sides could have played better, but most certainly could have played worse. Keeper work was incredible, with the Wanderers saving 87% of the goals and the Wasps saving 81%. The final score was 220-160, the Wasps making a nice Snitch save which was both sudden and unexpected.
So the top teams in the league are the Meteors and Puddlemere United, with all of their games won, and the bottom team remains the Tornadoes, with the Cannons and Pride o/ Portree winning their match this week.
Until Week 4,
-Kennilworthy Whisp

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Week 3 lineup

Here are what teams will be playing each other in Week 3:
Falcons-Meteors. I am particularly excited about this game because these teams are almost completely evenly matched. I've bought tickets, and I'm WiVo-ing the game on the WWN.
Puddlemere Utd.-Tornadoes
Wanderers-Wasps. I'm also recording this, being a Wanderers fan.
The games are scheduled for 8:00 Friday, so I'll be tucking in right after they're done, but I'll have the scores up bright and early on Saturday.
-Kennilworthy Whisp

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Week 2 UKQL scores

The Week 2 matches have finished, and here are the results:
The Wimbourne Wasps defeated the Appleby Arrows in the longest match this week, lasting 2 hours and 48 minutes. At 260-130, it was a spectacular, close-scored match with excellent use of the Corkscrew, Starfish and Stick, and the Hawkshead Formation.
The Ballycastle Bats won against the Tushtill Tornadoes 240- 50. The Tornadoes played a rather weak game compared to their wonderful seasons since 1995. Rupert Strack, Tornadoes Seeker won't be playing for about 2 weeks due to a Bludger in the head.
Guess who caught the Snitch at the Cannons-Meteors game?... The Cannons! Unfortunately, they still lost because the Meteors were 560 points ahead of them. Also, the only reason the Cannons caught the Snitch was because David Plumus, Cannons Seeker was knocked off his broom by a Bludger, fell wildly through the air grasping wildly, and by pure random chance grabbed the Snitch.
The Kenmare Kestrels defeated the Falmouth Falcons, but it was another close game as in the Falcon-Harpies game last week. The final score was 230-200, and the game was a nail-biter, especially for Kestrels fans.
The Holyhead Harpies came back after their defeat last week, beating Pride of Portree 350-270. The Pride used the Stucker-Punch to great effect, punching the Quaffle out from under Harpies Chaser Glynnis Griffiths arm to another teammate and scoring a spectacular goal with the Brankovitch Broomspinner Score.
The Stratford Streaks are still winning, defeating the Wigtown Wanderers (my favorite team...) 300-160 in a match which I am proud to say the Wanderers played splendidly in.
So the top teams in the league are the Meteors, Puddlemere United, and the Streaks, with two wins each. And the bottom teams are Pride of Portree, the Cannons (no surprise there) and the Tornadoes, with no wins. The rest of the teams have one win and one loss.

Until next week,
-Kennilworthy Whisp

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Week 2 lineup

I have received the lineup for the Week 2 UKQL matches:
The Arrows will play the Wasps, the Bats will play the Tornadoes, the Catapults will play Puddlemere United, the Meteors will be beating-- er, playing against the Cannons, the Falcons will play the Kestrels, the Harpies will play against Pride of Portree, and the Streaks will play the Wanderers. The games are currently scheduled for around 12:30 Saturday afternoon, so I should have the scores ready around 4:00.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Brankovitch to captain USA in World Cup

Max "Maximus" Brankovitch, Seeker for the Massachussets Fitchburg Finches, has signed on to captain the USA at the World Cup for his sixth, and he says, final time. Brankovitch, 37, first captained in 1990, winning the Cup and beating Bulgaria, who lost again to Ireland in the next Cup. His next best captainship was when the USA came in second in the 1998 cup against Scotland. Brankovitch is regarded as one of the best Seekers and captains in the world.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

News for the Spring 2007 UKQL season

For those of you who visited last year, you'll notice everything is gone. It's all right, that's supposed to happen. I cleared the page for room for the United Kingdom Quidditch League spring season. Here's the news:
The Montrose Magpies have changed their name to the Meteors because according to team captain Marty Snikes, "we want to sound like something bloody faster! Magpies aren't fast! Now meteors, there's something that sounds fast enough for the best team in the ruddy league."
I am also pleased to announce that to round the number of teams up to an even sum, a new team, the Stratford Streaks has been allowed to join the league by the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Tryouts and intensive practice were held last year, and they are entering the actual matches this year. Says captian Newton Brash, "We're gonna do brilliant. But these first few years, I hope we make the Cannons feel nice, 'cuz they got a team that has less league wins 'n they do!" The new team is welcomed by the U.K, and we wish them luck in their first game versus the Wimbourne Wasps!

Week 1 UKQL scores

The Meteor-Bats game is finally over! After a 5 day, 17 hour, 28 minute match, the Montrose Meteors won by a mere 40 points when Agell Adams, the Meteors Seeker pulled the Snitch from under Bats Seeker Roland Spidell, dodging both Bludgers. The Meteors are living up to their promise to "sound like something... faster!" Here are the other results from the first matches in this seson of the United Kingdom Quidditch League:
Puddlemere United beat Pride of Portree 280-120. It was a close game, and it would have been a tie if the Seeker had gotten the Snitch 2 seconds later, because Portree Chaser Eric Scroe made a wonderful shot right after the Snitch was caught.
Appleby Arrows beat the Chudley Cannons 390-10. Big surprise.
The Caerphilly Catapults defeated the Kenmare Kestrels 280-210 with excellent plays on both sides, the highlight of the match being Roland Mathews, Chaser for the Kestrels, Woolongong Shimmy-ing down the field, knocking two opposing Chasers off their brooms, using the Porksoff Ploy to fool the remaining Chaser, passing to Terrence Adams, who then did a Finborough Flick straight through the Catapults' Keeper's arms. However, after many scores, the Catapults Seeker grabbed the Snitch.
Well, the newest team, the Stratford Streaks are off to a great start! They defeated the Wimbourne Wasps 370-210. It was a close game throughout the entire match, from the first score to the last second.Wasp Seeker Thurgood Grabe was inches from catching the Snitch when Streak Beater Hunter Kamms took him out with a Bludger to the head, clearing the way for a Streak victory. We look forward to the next match of the newest U.K. team.
The season was also started in an interesting fashion by pitting the only male Falmouth Falcons against the all female Holyhead Harpies. The Falcons won, but the score was tied at only 40 with incredible Keeper and Chaser work on both sides before Landon Davis caught the Snitch.
And to wrap things up, the Wigtown Wanderers defeated the Tushtill Tornadoes 250-140, a great start for the team and Wanderer fans such as myself.
I'll have the game lineup for you next week, so check on Friday or Saturday, depending on when the matches are scheduled.
Yours forever (at least when there's no game on the WWN)
-Kennilworthy Whisp