Friday, 4 May 2007

Old Hogwarts Quidditch footage.

A friend of mine was able to dig up some old footage of the Hogwarts house games when Harry Potter was playing there. The footage is from the 1991-3 seasons, back when Albus Dumbledore was still alive. Apparently this footage made its way onto a Muggle website called "YouTube," however was able to stay incognito due to the fact that the footage bears considerable resemblance to clips from Muggle movies about Potter. The movies are based on books written by the acclaimed witch Jo Rowling, who studies Muggles while masquerading as an author. She has recieved lots of Muggle money for writing books about Harry Potter, passing them off as children's fiction. I hope you enjoy the clips, my friend added a particularly catchy beat to them.

Quidditch Today temporary shutdown

I am in the final, intensive stages of preparing my book, so Quidditch Today Online will be shut down until the USQL Quidditch season starts. Every now and then, I will post updates, but there will be no constant news until the middle of June. Thank you for your patience, and please come back when I begin posting again.

-Kennilworthy Whisp